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Your smooth audio delivery solution

We provide cutting-edge workflow tools for Audio Professionals
Main app screen Omnitune

Smooth & secure workflow for audio professionals

Easy project sharing

Upload your tracks and share them in one click
No app download or account creation required for your clients.
Uploading-files UI Omnitune app
Uploading-files UI Omnitune app

Time-stamped feedback

Speed up your client revisions with time-stamped comments.
Timestamped Feedback UI for Omnitune app
Timestamped Feedback UI for Omnitune app
Version 1 available

Automated audio to text transcription

Say goodbye to spending hours navigating through podcasts, voice overs or audiobooks
Our automated transcription is synced to your recordings so your clients can review them with ease.
Audio-transcript UI Omnitune app
Audio-transcript UI Omnitune app
coming soon

Fast & secure invoicing

Once the project is approved, your clients can pay then download it
Omnitune takes no commission from your transaction.
Invoice UI Omnitune app
Invoice UI Omnitune app
coming soon

Show your work and get hired

Create your personalised portfolio to showcase your work and find job opportunities.
Portofolio UI Omnitune App
Portofolio UI Omnitune App

Let's build our community together

Discord lets you easily discuss with other users and our team

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have
Are my clients required to create an account?
No, simply provide them with your project link.
Does Omnitune claim any rights over the tracks I upload?
No, you retain full ownership rights to your content. Omnitune serves as a platform for sharing your audio with others.
Is the app available in the App Store or Play Store?
Not yet, Omnitune is currently a browser app only, you can login on your phone or desktop.
Where can I find the pricing plan?
We are currently working on our beta version that does not include the pricing plan yet.
How can I reach out to you?
Simply click on our chatbot -> contact button, by joining our discord or send us an email at
Is it possible to receive a discount?
Become a beta tester now to get a discount once our pricing plans will be available!


Roadmap Omnitune appRoadmap mobile Omnitune app

Your smooth audio delivery solution

simple and fast audio delivery for you and your clients
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