Professional Audio Delivery For You And Your Clients

All-in-one platform including lossless streaming, client feedback and pay-to-download features.

Omnitune is in Beta!

Delivery, Feedback, Payment, all in one place
audio playback with waveform and comments with timestamps
Upload tracks and share them with you clients
Lossless audio playback
Get feedback with timestamps
No signup required for your clients

Many other features on the way

Manage different versions
Compare two tracks in real time
Disable download until client payment
Much more to come!
compare two tracks switching from one to the other

We want your feedback!

complete the feedback form
Omnitune is being built for you
We add new features to Omnitune based on what you need
Give feedback directly from Omnitune
Try out the Beta and tell us what are the next features you want!
Timestamps would save hours. Payment is genius.
Freelance Audio Engineer
Love the idea, very professional for the sound engineer.
Studio Sound Engineer
Looks tidy. Nice friendly layout. This would be time saving for everybody.
Freelance Audio Engineer

Want to give it a try?

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